How Innovation & Product Management Use BIS Research

How Innovation and Product Management Teams Use BIS Research

Information based on patents

This information may help in 3 ways:

  • o Foreseeing competitive moves based on tie ups, buyouts, or filings of patents by innovative companies in the market
  • o Evaluating strategic business moves based on already patented technologies or aspects thereof, including possibilities of monetizing patents
  • o Identifying innovative companies, as possible competitors, or partners, or for acquisitions/investments
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Insights on emerging technologies based on proxies

Many a times, there are technologies which are so early in their growth curve that data is not even generated for anyone to consume. Herein comes in the benefit of our internal knowledge management processes and expertise of our analysts, who can draw out market forecasts based on proxies.

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Generate market insights to identify avenues for optimizations, new opportunities, and growth drivers

Research analysts at BIS Research hold expertise in bringing out emerging market trends and opportunities, growth patterns, and technological advancements to unlock new business frontiers for your company.

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Primary research from Industry Experts

We engage with a curated pool of experts to extract and validate hard to find insights on markets, applications, and products. These experts range from people working in labs to those building businesses around the technologies in focus. With those in labs, the focus is on capturing their views on various technology options and use cases, and with leading businesses, it is to get and validate critical business and market data, along with user preferences.

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Get insight on key competitors and potential acquisition targets

BIS Research offers comprehensive company research which covers company overview, key insights, and SWOT analysis.

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Client Testimonials

Over the last six years, we have engaged with 1000+ customers and solved end-to-end knowledge problems for the customers using a combination of human expertise and technology.


The experience we have had with BIS was very positive: The team is really reactive, helped to find the information needed but not only that the team was also flexible and really made it best to satisfy the customer. The quality of the information is also very good. I really recommend BIS for market study information.


Henri-Pierre Suso,

Co Founder & CTO


BIS Research has been a nice and pleasant surprise for EndoMaster. Having worked with various research firms, BIS research stands out in 3 ways: Customer Focus, Quality of Work & Flexibility.


SP Goh,