All BIS Research subscriptions come with a dedicated account manager, who will assist you with all requirements within one business day

  • Flexible subscription plans to accommodate large as well as small requirements for syndicated reports on emerging deep technology sectors
  • Access to a global community of experts including senior academicians and industry professionals
  • Noise-free Contextualized Live Industry Feed
  • Complimentary access to Webinars and Analyst Notes
  • Unlimited search across PDF documents from over 100k credible sources
  • *Significant savings as compared to pay as you buy model. You save $5000 per report by taking an annual subscription. If your organization requires 20-25 market intelligence reports a year, then it would save over $100,000 through an annual subscription with BIS Research.
  • Ideal for the on-going requirements (for quality market data and forecasts), of corporations, universities and research institutions.